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High energy

BASIS EP can also manage high energies and voltages.

High voltage applications are very specific and the expertise of BASIS EP in this field allows us to offer:

  • High voltage electronic test benches (<100kV) for TWT or HF tubes with gate, wehnelt or anode modulators, for space, radar and / or military applications.
  • High voltage capacitor chargers with a modular range from 6kJ/s to 15kJ/s
  • Modulators for tubes up to 50kV and 20ns rise time
  • Pulse generators for pulsed electric fields (PEF) for all types of treatment.
  • 50kV-100kA / 10Hz-1kHz discharge generators

Process of welding, forming, crimping by magnetic pulses (TMP) with generators up to 200kJ (under 30kV) and 100kHz of pseudo-frequency.

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